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Client & Staff Testimonials

‘ Carers are wonderful and excellent at their work.’


‘I am well supported to do my job and there is a good level of training to help me provide a high standard of care.’


‘’There is excellent support because there are excellent carers.’’

"The Co-ordinator of my services regularly asks me

About the service that is being provided."

"Staff are always polite
and communicate
well with each other."

"I think the service that  I receive is great!"

Staff Testimonials

"I have been working as a community care worker with north east community care now for four months and have loved every day of the job. When I was unemployed I thought about what I would like to do as a career and decided I would like to work in care .I applied for several care jobs but got turned down because I didn't have any qualifications my advisor at the job centre told me there was a course coming up at aberdeen foyer which had a course for 18-25 year old's that I was eligible to apply for.

I found the course very helpful as the course walks you through the stages of employment from doing your CV and how to fill out application forms to doing interviews and also u get qualifications that employers are looking for.

The best part about being a carer with necc is that I am working with a company that is well run and offers a dedicated professional range of support to people and promotes self growth and independence. I have been lucky enough to have co-ordinators and a managing director that are friendly dedicated professionals that are always willing to take time out from there busy schedule to offer their advice.


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