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Care & Support Services

North East Community Care Ltd. was established in Feb. 2006 - a local service for people who have disabling conditions, including people who have suffered    a head injury. People who live in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire or Moray can get a service from North East Community Care Ltd.

Management and Care staff from North East Community Care will try their very best to meet the care and support needs of people over the age of 16 years, no    matter what their disability is. i.e.:

  • People who have learning disabilities
  • People who are elderly and infirm  
  • People who have physical disabilities  
  • People who have dementia (any age)  
  • People who have mental health difficulties  
  • People who have suffered a head injury  
  • People who have a condition not mentioned above.   

People who work for North East Community Care Ltd. genuinely care about people. They are selected to work for the company based on their genuineness,    friendliness and their commitment to offer care services to a very high standard. Most staff are experienced care workers, however, we do also recruit    inexperienced staff who have the right kind of personal qualities who we feel are willing to learn and have the personal qualities to be a good care    worker.

People who receive a service from North East Community Care Ltd. are guaranteed people from NECC will listen to them and that the service provided to them    will be set up around their individual and specific needs within their own community, where they can be near family and friends and enjoy going to places    which they are familiar with and where they can continue to have contact with people who are important to them. Services can range from: