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Details of Services Provided by North East Community Care

Staff of NECC have considerable experience and/or qualifications in the field of community care:

  • Checks on criminal history are carried out and references taken up.
  • Essential training is offered e.g. direct care and support, interpersonal relationships, respect and confidentiality, emergency first aid, health, hygiene & safety etc.

How NECC consults with and involves people requiring services:

  • We support them in identifying and achieving their life goals and ambitions
  • We consult and listen to them about the services they require
  • We involve them in the selection of their own Community Carers
  • We involve them as much as possible in managing their own services
  • We encourage them to seek ongoing guidance and support from family members/carers
  • We support and encourage them to be involved in the planning and implementation of services

NECC Services will be community based and staff members will have a key responsibility for promoting independence, self respect and social integration. They will be expected to provide the highest quality of service and will be accountable to the people they support / family members and to their employers.