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Recruitment Policy


NECC normally advertise any job vacancy in local newspapers, job centres (including internet) and by internal vacancy lists and company website.

Adverts for a job vacancy will comply with the Sex Discrimination Act, The Race Relations Act or the Disability Discrimination Act.

Each advert will give a job heading, a brief description and location of the job, contact for informal enquiries and application pack. There will also normally be a closing date and interview date.

Job description and person specifications

Each job will have a comprehensive job description whereby there will be:

a) a general description of the job vacancy and the location

b) an organogram

c) details of major responsibilities

d) details of tasks and responsibilities

e) details of Health and Safety responsibilities – supervision and prevention of risk

f) details of the general ethos of the company, including social integration

g) details of methods of communication and liaison with others

h) details of essential training

Person specification

Requirements will include details of and level of:

a) experience

b) education and qualifications

c) skills and abilities specific to the post

d) interpersonal and social skills

e) health and physical attributes

Interviewing and selection

NECC will ensure that their interviewing and selection are not discriminatory under the Sex Discrimination Act, the Race Relations Act and The Disability Discrimination Act. If the interview is arranged for a disabled person, NECC will make reasonable adjustments to the premises to enable that person to attend. Selection will be made on the basis of clear suitability for job, personality, experience, skills, qualifications and knowledge. People who require to be supported and if appropriate, family members will be asked to be involved in the interview procedure. NECC staff will offer guidance about suitable questions and selection procedures.

References and Previous Convictions

NECC will take up three references:

a) one from their most recent employment

b) one from another person who has known from the applicant for ten years or more

c) one from the applicant’s G.P.

Standard reference forms will be used to help speed up the recruitment process and to obtain necessary background information.

NECC will require ALL persons offered employment to complete a criminal conviction disclosure form and this will be sent to Disclosure Scotland to be checked.

Only after all three references and disclosure/PVG have been returned and these are felt to be satisfactory will the applicant be able to commence work. If applicants have a criminal record and there is some doubt about their suitability, NECC will seek a second opinion from the local authority concerned.

Employment commencement

Prospective employees will be sent details by letter of their commencement date and time and other important terms and conditions of their contract. They will also be contacted regarding induction and essential training.

Written particulars

All new employees will be given written particulars of their employment and a written contract of employment.


Once an offer of employment has been made and accepted, then a valid contract will exist, this will normally be an initial probationary period of three months.

Work commencement

Initially, new workers will have to undertake an induction programme when relevant policies, procedures and working practices will be discussed and explained. New workers will also get the opportunity of working alongside existing staff to help with orientation and understanding of the needs and acceptable methods of support for the people they will be supporting and caring for.

Employment status of workers of NECC

Workers employed to provide direct care and support to people who have disabilities will be employees of NECC. The company will not normally recruit volunteers, however, family members and friends will be encouraged to maintain contact and to participate in activities along with their relative or friend.