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NECC Policy of Empowerment & Access to Information

NECC will do their best to involve the people they support in making decisions about the way in which the company is run and in the design and provision of services.

Each person receiving a service will be:

  • encouraged to have life goals and ambitions

· supported in making decisions about their own personal care and support service

· helped to ‘have a say’ about their future from the people they like and trust which could be family members, advocate, guardian, or in some cases their paid carers etc. using their own means of communication

· supported in selecting the care staff who will be mostly working with them

· supported in planning daily tasks, activities and weekly programmes etc.

· supported in making choices about everyday living things such as food, what to wear, what to buy, where to go, what to do, who to do things with etc.

NECC will have files with information about each person receiving a service. Staff will be required to offer the person receiving care the opportunity of looking through the file, giving as much or as little assistance as necessary to read and understand what has been written. If the person has difficulty with this, they could also ask a family member/advocate/guardian to help them.

The file will be the property of NECC and therefore should be kept at the company’s offices or at a named site e.g. the person’s own home. The file should only be removed from its normal location if permission has been granted by Alistair Law.

Information which has been sent to NECC in confidence cannot be shared without the author’s permission with the exception of regulatory bodies.

Each person receiving a service from NECC will also have a Care Plan with details of regular care/support requirements i.e. what support is required, when and how. Care Plans will be owned by the person receiving care/support and there will also be a copy kept in the company’s main offices.

Advocacy services are available to people who will be cared for/supported by NECC. Each person will be informed of this and given assistance to make contact should that be a requirement:

Advocacy North East (Moray)

Elgin Business Centre,

Maisondieu Rd.


Tel. No. 01343 559649

Advocacy North East Ltd.

Thainstone Business Centre,


Tel. No. 01343 622674

Advocacy Service Aberdeen,

Offices 6, 8 and 9,

Aberdeen Business Centre,

Willowbank House,

Willowbank Rd.


AB11 6YG

Tel. No. 01224 332314

Email address: