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Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support Services Aberdeen - MeetingInitial meeting between NECC and person requiring support/family members to inform about Self Directed Support (SDS) and discuss how NECC can support with SDS:

  • Information about the benefits of Self Directed Support
  • Support Network
  • Identification of Life Goals and Ambitions/Essential life plan
  • Person Centred Care Plan
  • Clients Individual budgets/budget management
  • Flexibility of SDS

NECC’s Self Directed Support facilitator will:

a) Give you information and explain about The Scottish Government’s Self Directed Support bill, which explains how people can make best use of the funding they receive instead of getting direct services from the council and other organisations.

b) give you examples of how Self Directed Support has been used by other people.

c) Give you information about the benefits of having a group of people (called a Support Network) who can support you to make decisions about your life and help you to manage your own services.

d) Support you to draw up a Life Plan which is a good way of thinking about your future and the support that you may need.

e) Support you to have a ‘Care Plan’ which helps people involved with providing you with support to understand and be clear about the support that you may need, the risks involved, your likes and dislikes and have a note of the most important people in your life e.g. your doctor and next of kin.

f) Help you to get the support you need to plan and organise your money to pay for services.

g) Help you to understand, plan and to take advantage of the potential for flexibility with regards services which you may need